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Web Position Sensor for Center and Edge Guiding from Roll-2-Roll Technologies
ARIS Web Guiding System with Multiple Materials

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC
1110 S Innovation Way Drive, Venture One Building
Stillwater , OK United States

Phone: 888-290-3215
Toll Free Phone: 888-290-3215

Regions Served*: AF, EU, LA, NA

Company Overview
Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC started in 2014 with the introduction of an innovative technology that departed from the traditional methods of web edge detection as part of its ARIS line of web guiding systems. Today, the company has evolved to become the supplier of modern solutions to the most difficult and challenging problems in web guiding and web positioning for the converting industry.

A Break Away from Conventional Web Sensors

Its patented sensor technology combines a sensing principle and control algorithm that allows converters to detect the edge of any material and adjust to material and environmental changes automatically without the need of any manual calibration. In the past two years, Roll-2-Roll Technologies has widened its web sensor product line with sensing windows of 16mm, 48mm, 221mm, and 440 mm with infrared, white light and UV light sources. This allows for a multitude of applications for the Converting industry that includes edge detection, line detection, mark detection, web width monitoring and measurement, single and multiple strand detection for counting of wires and measurement of distances between wires, and contrast detection, monitoring and measurement, without any need of cumbersome calibration procedures.

Web Guiding and Web Position Sensor Solutions - The easiest solution in the industry

The ARIS Web Guiding Systems is available for narrow web applications with displacement and steering guides, winding and rewinding guiding kits, and retrofit guiding kits for most existing web guiding systems in the industry. All web guiding systems include the ARIS WPS sensor technology and ARIS SCU sensor control and are actuated by linear hybrid stepper motor providing accurate, precise and smooth correction of the web material. The ARIS Web Guiding Systems are built with very reliable, maintenance free components that guarantee a trouble free operation. Best of all, its low voltage requirement and low weight, along with a minimal cable requirement for operation, makes ARIS WGS the easiest to install and commision web guide system available in the market.

Our web guiding systems are also available in multiple options that include remote displays, communications to PLC through Ethernet/IP or Profinet, analog or digital outputs, and KOIOS Process Health Index.

We believe in providing a service to the industry beyond selling web guiding and web positioning systems by constantly providing informational materials through our website in the form of videos and papers. We offer our knowledge of web handling to support our customers and help them understand their process better. It is no coincidence that converters from all over the world contact us when their guiding or web detection need seems to have no solution; we are the go to solution when nothing else can handle the solve your guiding and web detection problem.

Contact us for your next converting project and let us help you get the most innovative and advanced technological solution for web guiding and web positioning sensor systems.


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