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Electrostatic Answers

Electrostatic Answers
15 Piping Rock Run
Fairport, NY United States

Phone: 585-425-8158

Fax: 585-425-0915

Company Overview
Electrostatic Answers is an engineering consulting company dedicated to eliminating injury and waste from static electricity. We solve electrostatic problems in industrial manufacturing operations, technology development, product commercialization, and in customer applications by providing expert consulting, measurements of static levels, training seminars and webinars.

Kelly Robinson, Electrostatic Answers owner and founder, is a Professional Engineer licensed in New York State, earned the Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and has over 25 years of industrial problem solving experience. With access to a temperature and humidity controlled laboratory and the equipment needed to make a wide variety of static measurements, we can help you solve your most challenging static problems. Our laboratory measurement capabilities include electrical resistivities and dielectric constants of materials, electrical conductivities of liquids, static decay times, resistivities of polymer rollers, and the ion outputs of static dissipaters.
Kelly Robinson

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