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Assign Categories:
Acrylic Film
Biodegradable Film or Resin
Butadiene Styrene Film or Resin
Cellophane, Coated
Coextruded Films or Resins
Coextrusions - by Layers
Conductive Films
Copolymer Films
Elastomer Film: Thermoplastic
Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Film or Resin
Metallized Films: Holographic
Metallized Films: Sputtered
Metallized Films: Vacuum Deposited
Nylon (Polyamide) Film or Resin
Olefins: Spunbonded Film
Polycarbonate Film
Polyester Film or Resin
Polyethylene Film or Resin
Polypropylene Film or Resin
Polyurethane Film or Resin
Polyvinyl Alcohol Film
Polyvinyl Chloride Film or Resin
Polyvinylidene Chloride Film
Structured Films: Coated or Laminated
Water-Soluble Film
Aluminum Foil: Laminates, Supported, Unsupported
Other Metallic Foils
Stamping Foils
Black Paper
Board: Coated
Board: Folding Carton
Board: Linerboard (Colored or Preprinted)
Box Coverings
Cable Paper
Cup & Container Stock
Customized Papers: Made to Specifications
Electrostatic Papers
Holographic Papers
Insulating Paper & Board
Metallized Papers
Nonwoven Materials
Actuating Devices
Agitators: Adhesives; Coatings or Inks
Air Pollution Control Equipment: Incineration
Air Pollution Control Equipment: Solvent Recovery
Air Tables
Bag Machinery: Paper or Plastic
Banding, Strapping Machines
Bar Code Reader/Verification System
Bars (including Spreader & Turn)
Belting & Guides (including Corrugator, Folder/Gluer & Vacuum)
Blades: Special Purposes
Blocks (including Die, Envelope & Mounting Engravers)
Boards (including Cutting & Envelope)
Boxcar Openers
Brakes (including Air, Electrical, Electromagnetic & Mechanical)
Bridge Mandrel/Sleeve Carrier
Bundling Machines
Burners & Combustion Equipment
Can/Core Winding Machinery (Convolute & Spiral Wound)
Carton/Case Packing Equipment
Chucks: Core & Safety
Cleaning Equipment: Sheet & Web
Coating Equipment
Coating Machines: Extrusion Coating
Coating Machines: Fluid Coating
Coating Machines: Vacuum Roll
Coating Stations: Open Systems - Blade/Knife & Comma
Coating Stations: Open Systems - Dip
Coating Stations: Open Systems - Flexographic
Coating Stations: Open Systems - Gravure
Coating Stations: Open Systems - Mayer Rod
Coating Stations: Open Systems - Screen
Coating Stations: Premetered - Slot Dies
Coating Stations: Premetered - Spray
Coextrusion Dies: Film
Coextrusion Systems
Controls (including Color & Color Register)
Controls (including Curl & Moisture)
Controls (including Nuclear Instrument & Thickness/Gauging)
Controls (including Speed, Temperature & Timing)
Controls: Cutoff
Controls: Drives & Motors
Controls: Electric & Photoelectronic
Controls: All Air
Controls: Insects
Controls: Position Sensor
Controls: Tension
Controls: Web (Machine Direction & Transverse)
Controls: Web Guiding
Conveyor Systems
Core Loading Machinery (Automatic)
Core Machinery
Core Plugs
Core Shafts & Straighteners
Core Stripper
Cores: Paper or Plastic
Corrugator, Major Components (including Double Facers, Preheaters, Single Facers & Steam Systems)
Cup Machines (including Lid & Handle-Applying Machines)
Curing Equipment & Accessories: Electron Beam
Curing Equipment & Accessories: Infrared
Curing Equipment & Accessories: Ultraviolet (including Lamps)
Cutters: Card (Rotary)
Cutters: Guillotine
Cutters: Label
Cutters: Laser
Cutters: Platen
Cutters: Rotary
Cutters: Rule
Cutters: Tube & Core
Cutting & Creasing Jackets
Cylinder Machinery: Gravure
Cylinder Processing Equipment
Cylinders: Flexographic
Cylinders: Hydraulic
Cylinders: Laser-Engraved
Cylinders: Lithographic
Cylinders: Magnetic (Printing)
Cylinders: Reconditioning
Cylinders: Rotary Screen
Cylinders: Rotogravure
Die-Cutting Equipment: Jackets/Blankets/Covers
Die-Cutting Equipment: Platen/Flat Bed
Die-Cutting Equipment: Rotary
Die-Making Equipment & Supplies
Dies: Cutting & Embossing
Doctor Blades & Enclosures
Drawstring Equipment: for Bags & Pouches
Drilling Machinery: Paper
Drying Equipment: Convection
Drying Equipment: Radio Frequency
Drying Equipment: Tunnels & Ovens
Dust-Removal Equipment
Embossing Machinery (including Holograms)
End Plates
Envelope Machines
Extruder Dies & Auxiliary Equipment
Extruding Machines: Blown Film
Extruding Machines: Cast Film
Extruding Machines: Thermoforming
Extrusion Coaters
Extrusion Coating: Extruders
Extrusion Coating: Slot Dies
Extrusion Dies
Fanfolding Equipment
Feeders & Components (including Lead Edge Feeders)
Festooning Machines
Film Cutting & Folding Machines
Film Orienters
Film Reclaim Systems
Film Stretchers
Filters: Ink
Finishing Equipment
Flexo Folder/Gluers
Flocking Equipment
Foil Machinery
Folder/Gluers: Corrugated
Folder/Gluers: Folding Carton
Folding Machinery
Food-Tray Machinery
Fountains (including Coatings, Hot Melt, Adhesives & Ink)
Gears: Helical & Spur
Gussetting Machines
Handle & Attachment Applicators (including Bags, Corrugated Boxes & Folding Cartons)
Heat Recovery
Heat Transfer Fluids
Heaters: Printing Press
Impregnating Machines
Imprinting Machines (Coders, Markers, etc., for Bags, Cartons, Labels, etc.)
Ink Blending
Ink Holding & Feeding Systems
Inspection Equipment: 100% Inspection
Inspection Equipment: Bar Code
Inspection Equipment: Laser
Inspection Equipment: Optical/Video
Inspection Equipment: Photoelectric
Inspection Equipment: Rewinding Machines
Inspection Equipment: Strobe Light
Knives: Air
Knives: Bag Machinery
Knives: Cutoff
Knives: Cutter
Knives: Holders
Knives: Perforating
Knives: Positioning Systems
Knives: Scoring
Knives: Sheeter
Knives: Slitter
Knives: Splitting
Laminating Machines: 100% Solids
Laminating Machines: Solvent
Laminating Machines: Waterborne
Levers: Slitter
Machinery: Alignment
Machinery: Bought & Sold
Machinery: Conversions
Machinery: Custom
Machinery: Installation
Machinery: Moving
Machinery: Rebuilt
Machinery: Rigging
Machinery: Vibration Analysis
Machinery: Vibration Equipment
Materials-Handling Equipment: Forklifts & Accessories
Materials-Handling Equipment: Joggers, Aerators
Materials-Handling Equipment: Load Turners
Materials-Handling Equipment: Manipulators
Materials-Handling Equipment: Palletizing
Materials-Handling Equipment: Pallets
Materials-Handling Equipment: Prefeeding
Materials-Handling Equipment: Shaft Pullers
Materials-Handling Equipment: Stacking
Materials-Handling Equipment: Transfer Cars
Metallizing Equipment Components
Metallizing Machinery
Metering/Coating Equipment
Moisturizing and DeCurling Equipment
Moisturizing Machinery: Water based
Mounting & Proofing Machines: for Printing Plates
Napkin-Converting Equipment
Pelletizers: Plastic
Placemat Machines
Plate-Forming Equipment
Pollution Prevention: Flammable Vapors
Pollution Prevention: Recycling
Pollution Prevention: Waste Water Treatment
Pouch Machinery
Prepress Equipment: Electronic
Printing Equipment (including Noncontact, Dampening, etc.)
Printing Equipment: Makeready
Printing Plate Equipment: Computer to Plate
Printing Plate Equipment: Flexographic
Printing Plate Equipment: Offset Lithographic
Printing Plates: Metal
Printing Plates: Offset Lithographic
Printing Plates: Photopolymer
Printing Plates: Rubber
Printing Presses: Bag
Printing Presses: Business Forms
Printing Presses: Carton
Printing Presses: Cone & Cup
Printing Presses: Digital
Printing Presses: Envelope
Printing Presses: Flexographic
Printing Presses: Gummed Tape
Printing Presses: Inkjet
Printing Presses: Label
Printing Presses: Letterpress
Printing Presses: Offset Lithography
Printing Presses: Pad
Printing Presses: Platen
Printing Presses: Rotogravure
Printing Presses: Screen
Printing Presses: Ticket & Tag
Printing Presses: Tinters
Proof Presses
Pumps: Ink (including Vacuum & Centrifugal)
Punchers (including Hole Punchers)
Registering Systems
Rewind Equipment
Roll Changers
Roll Cleaners
Roll Coaters
Roll Converting Machines: Toilet & Towel
Roll Feed Machinery
Roll Handling Systems
Roll Stands
Roll Wrapping Machinery: Automatic
Roller Coverings
Roller Plating: Chrome, Copper, etc.
Rollers: Printing
Rolls: Anilox/Metering
Rolls: Backing
Rolls: Cooling
Rolls: Corona Treating
Rolls: Embossing
Rolls: Engraved
Rolls: Expander
Rolls: Heating
Rolls: Idler
Rolls: Perforating
Rolls: Spreader
Rolls: Tensioning
Rolls: Vacuum
Safety Equipment
Salvage Machine: Paper & Plastic
Saturating Machines
Scanning Equipment
Scoring Machines (including Cutters & Creasers)
Sealing Dies: Electronic
Sealing Machines
Shafts & Cores
Sheet Piling Machines
Sheeters: Knife & Rotary Knife
Shrink Equipment
Skiving Machinery
Slat Expanders
Sleeves: Printing
Sleeves: Roll
Sleeves: Slitter
Sleeves: Snap-on Design
Slitter Positioning Systems
Slitter-Rewinders: Center Winders
Slitter-Rewinders: Combination
Slitter-Rewinders: Surface Rewind
Slitting Units
Slitting, Nonrewinding Machines: Single-Knife Cutters
Slotting Machinery
Splicers/Pasters (including Butt, Flying & Lap)
Spraying Equipment
Stamping Machines (including Hot & Cold Stamping)
Stands: Unwind & Rewind
Static Eliminators
Static Measurement Equipment
Step & Repeat Machines
Storage Racks (including Cylinders, Rolls & Platen)
Stretch-Film Wrapping Equipment
Surface-Treating Equipment (including Corona, Flame, Ozone & Plasma)
Tabbing Machines
Take-Off Units
Taping Machines
Tear-Strip Machines
Testing Equipment: Hardness Testing
Testing Equipment: Linear or Rotary Speed
Testing Equipment: Quality of Materials & Products, Including Instruments
Testing Equipment: Viscosity Testing
Testing Equipment: Weight Per Gallon (specific density)
Testing Equipment: Wet Film Thickness
Thermoforming Machinery
Transportation Equipment: Railcar Unloading
Tray-Forming Equipment (including Paper & Plastic)
Trim Conveying & Collecting Equipment
Trimmers: Guillotine
Tube Machinery
Unions: Rotating
Unwinding Machines: Center Type
Unwinding Machines: Combination Surface Center
Unwinding Machines: Driven Brake
Unwinding Machines: Shafted
Unwinding Machines: Shaftless
Unwinding Machines: Surface
Unwinding Machines: Turreted
UPC-Code Verifier
Used & Rebuilt Equipment
Vacuum-Forming Equipment
Ventilating Systems: Blowers, Dust Controls, etc.
Viscosity Control & Measuring Systems
Warehouse Equipment
Washers (including Blankets, Parts, Plates & Rollers)
Waste Management Systems (including Hoggers)
Water Chilling Equipment
Waxing Machinery
Web Conditioners
Wheels (including Grinding & Perforating/Pinking)
Winding Machines: Center Rewind Type
Winding Machines: Combination Surface Center
Winding Machines: Shafted
Winding Machines: Shaftless
Winding Machines: Surface
Winding Machines: Traverse
Winding Machines: Turreted
Window-Patching Machines
Zipper Attaching Equipment
SUPPLIES & SERVICES (including Coatings, Additives & Emulsions)
Additives & Modifiers
Adhesives: 100% Solids
Adhesives: Hot Melt
Adhesives: Solventborne
Adhesives: Solventless
Adhesives: Waterborne
Anilox Roll Cleaning
Blankets: Printing
Cleaners: Blankets, Printing Plates or Rolls
Closures: Materials & Systems
Coating Rods
Coatings: 100% Solids
Coatings: Hot Melt
Coatings: Solventborne
Coatings: Solventless
Coatings: Waterborne
Coatings: Wax
Color Balancing Systems
Color Concentrates
Computer Software or Systems: CAD/CAM
Computer Software or Systems: Management Information
Computer Software or Systems: Process Control
Computer Software or Systems: Quality Systems
Computer Software or Systems: Scheduling
Consultants: Associations
Consultants: Certification
Consultants: Environmental Compliance
Consultants: Financial
Consultants: Management/Personnel
Consultants: Manufacturers Representatives/Distributors
Consultants: Marketing
Consultants: Production
Consultants: Technology/Product
Consultants: Trade shows
Consultants: Training
Contract Converters: Bags/Pouches
Contract Converters: Clean Room
Contract Converters: Coating
Contract Converters: Corona Treating
Contract Converters: Die-Cutting
Contract Converters: Embossing
Contract Converters: Extrusion Coating
Contract Converters: Labels
Contract Converters: Laminating
Contract Converters: Metallizing
Contract Converters: Printing
Contract Converters: Salvage/Rework
Contract Converters: Sheeting
Contract Converters: Slitting, Rewinding
Contract Converters: Spooling/Traverse Winding
Contract Converters: Warehousing
Defoaming Agents
Electronics, Printed
Emulsifiers or Emulsions
Engravings: Flexography
Engravings: Letterpress
Engravings: Offset Lithography
Engravings: Rotogravure
Flame Retardants
Heat-Seal Agents
Inhibitors (including Mold, Oxidation & Volatile Corrosion or Vapor Phase)
Ink Extenders & Thickeners
Knife: Regrinding
Label Stocks
Label Stocks: Linerless
Label Stocks: RFID
Laminating Agents
Maintenance, Repair
Pilot-Line Facilities
Prepress Services
Printing Plate Materials, Supplies
Promotional Products: Business Card Cases
Promotional Products: Calendar Corners
Promotional Products: Post-it Notes
Protective Shipping Materials
Release Agents
Release Liners: Film
Release Liners: Paper
RFID Devices
Roll Recovering Service
Sleeves: Corona Treater
Sprays (including Adhesive, Lubricant, Powder, Silicone & Wax)
Starches: Corn, Tapioca, etc.
Static-Elimination Chemicals
Tamper-Evident Products
Tape: for the Trade
Testing Laboratories
Waste Materials: Purchased for Recycling
Wetting Agents

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