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TGW International

TGW International
5 Braco International Blvd.
Wilder, KY United States

Toll Free Phone: 800-407-0173

Company Overview
At TGW, we manufacture straight tooth knives for vertical form fill seal baggers, pouch applications, horizontal seal wrappers, vacuum packaging and roll stock equipment — all made in both of our global manufacturing centers. Our serrated tooth forms are capable of cutting all types of films, with the ability to add other profiles, depending on the desired application. This same precision tooth form is also used on all our cup and tray sealing knives for portion packaging.

Our packaging products include:

• Bagger knives
• Cross cut knives
• EZ open knives
• Slitters
• Cutoff knives
• Pouch knives
• Cup and tray sealing knives
• Perf blades
• Wrapper knives
• Scissor knives

We deliver nothing less than the highest quality knives, with superior technical expertise and the best service in the industrial machine knife industry.

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