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Kent Adhesive Products Co. dba Kapco

Kent Adhesive Products Co. dba Kapco
1000 Cherry Street PO Box 626
Kent, OH United States

Phone: 330-678-1626
Toll Free Phone: 800-791-8964

Fax: 800-451-3724

Certification Type: ISO, FDA
Regions Served*: AS, EU, LA, NA, SP

Company Overview
Founded in 1974 in Kent, Ohio, Kent Adhesive Products Company (KAPCO) is a Coater of adhesive and functional top coatings and a Converter of flexible materials for a multitude of markets ranging from packaging, printing, appliance, medical, electronics, automotive to sign shops, printers, and libraries. With our focus on transforming materials into our customers’ success the list of industries continues to grow.

We specialize in responsive product development that leverages our capabilities to both coat and convert along with our extensive process and material knowledge. KAPCO, Partnering for Mutual Success!

Adhesive and Functional Coating Expertise and Flexibility
Our adhesive coating capability covers a wide range of emulsion technology that includes
• Permanent
• Removable
• Microsphere (ultra-removable)
• Pigmented (Block-out)
• Heat-activated
• Water dissolvable (activated)
• pH neutral
• Dry gum adhesives
• Co-adhesive (Cold Seal)
• Hot Melt (narrow web)

Our 4 coating assets can produce material from several inches all the way up to 81” wide including a 12” lab coater for product development. Other capabilities include:
• In-line corona treating
• UV curing
• Extensive drying capacity (air floatation ovens)
• Cross-web profiling to enable lay flat rolls and laminating
• Reverse Gravure coating
• Transfer coating
• Reverse roll coating
• Rod coating

Our functional and decorative top coat capability includes:
• Tinting
• Inkjet, Laser, Toner, UV ink and Indigo receptive coatings
• Thermal management
• Anti-fog
• Barrier
• Haptic
• Hydrophilic
• Hydrophobic
• Thermal Chromic
• Magnetic shield
• Conductive coating
• Anti-static coating
• Drum Label

Converting Capability and Partnership
Our converting capabilities encompass a wide range of equipment and processes including:
• Slitting
• Laminating (up to 60” wide roll to roll, roll to sheet)
• Rotary die
• Flat bed
• Laser cutting

We have the ability to process a wide selection of material such a:
• Paper
• Films
• Vinyl
• Non-wovens
• Foams
• Adhesives
• Foils
• Graphoil
• Stainless steel

In addition, Kapco has packaging capabilities and flexibility to accommodate small batch size orders as well as large quantity production requirements.

Contact us now to see how we can enable your Product Development with our Responsive customer service and ability to leverage our Coating and Converting capabilities!

Chuck Noll

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*Regions Served Key:
AF= Africa & Middle East, AS = Asia, EU = Europe, LA = Latin America,  NA = North America,  SP = South Pacific & Pacific Rim

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