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Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc.

Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc.
9825 Spectrum Drive, Bldg. 4, Ste 475
Austin, TX United States

Phone: 512-225-1796
Toll Free Phone: 877-553-3973

Fax: 512-225-1797

Certification Type: CE
Regions Served*: AF, AS, EU, LA, NA, SP

Company Overview
Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc., a division of Rigaku Corporation, engineers, manufactures, and distributes Rigaku EDXRF products worldwide. Located in Austin, Texas, USA, our company specializes in benchtop and process EDXRF spectrometers. Our products serve web applications with the ability to perform real-time or at-line silicone coat weight analysis.

For in-line process control, the NEX LS linear scanner offers cross and machine direction Si coat weight profiling of your process. To maintain consistent quality, improve efficiency, and minimize cost, the NEX LS is engineered to solve the challenges found in coating and converting processes. The intuitive design allows users to self-install and customize the system to meet their process needs.

In addition to real-time cross and machine direction profiles, the advanced and flexible software includes user-defined recipes inclusive of scan speeds and sub-second measurement settings, advanced roll reporting, and raw data logging for traceability and audits. Complete roll recording includes measurement value, date, time, length, product name, and other information. Also included are web scan average and individual zone measurements.

For rapid and accurate at-line solutions, the NEX QC Series benchtop EDXRF analyzers enable the measurement of very low silicone coating weights and metal catalysts in silicone coatings, all with one instrument. Challenging applications that were either marginal or not possible with earlier technologies are now a reality.

NEX QC Series spectrometers do not require the use of helium or a special sample cup for Si determination. By simply placing a sample in the analysis chamber, the NEX QC Series analyzers provide QC technicians with an ideal tool for quickly checking silicone coating thickness and composition.

Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. provides high quality EDXRF spectrometers, backed by a 2-year warranty guarantee. This industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty shows our commitment to quality and displays our dedication to maximizing uptime for our customer’s processes and applications.


NEX LS Process energy dispersive XRF (EDXRF) spectrometer

NEX QC - Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer


NEX QC Silicone

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