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345 E. Stiegel Street
Manheim , PA United States

Phone: 717-644-4040

Regions Served*: NA

Company Overview
PennPac is a full-service supplier of flexible packaging films. Our focus is product development and service customization for companies in the printing, laminating, coating, and converting markets. We offer custom slitting, stocking programs, toll slitting and a global network of supply solutions.

At PennPac, customer satisfaction is our priority. We work directly with companies to create customized solutions for their supply of flexible packaging films. PennPac provides the infrastructure for distribution, flexible service, and film availability in order to quickly respond to the requirements in the marketplace. Through our ongoing commitment to each individual customer, our suppliers, and state-of-the-art machinery, PennPac is the preferred provider of flexible packaging films.
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*Regions Served Key:
AF= Africa & Middle East, AS = Asia, EU = Europe, LA = Latin America,  NA = North America,  SP = South Pacific & Pacific Rim

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