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Sthill Converting Equipments

Sthill Converting Equipments
18. Sokak No:3

Phone: +902362140101
Toll Free Phone: +902362140101

Certification Type: Sthill Converting Equipment’s Quality Certificat
Regions Served*: AF, AS, EU, NA

Company Overview
Reymak Machinery has been established in 2006 to design and manufacture ancillary systems for the Packaging and Converting Machinery Industry.

With our renewed technology, our production of friction rings, friction shafts and safety chucks gained speed with the Sthill brand.

Our company, which works to create value in the industry with its product and service quality, has managed to become a preferred brand for the converting equipments needs of its customers all over the world.

In our main product group, friction shafts and rings are five star products and are indispensible by our clients.

The torque-activated ball lock design faciliates highest roll quality, is easy to use and generates no dust by preventing frictioning between paper core and shaft as it is the case with other types of equipment.There is the option of uni-directionally and bi-directionally operating friction rings that are electroless nickel plated and available for winding cores made of paper, plastic, steel, or aluminum.

Hardchrome plated steel body friction shaft with friction pads made of natural felt strips that are frictionally contacting the inner surface of the friction rings. The pneumatic torque control is taking placec at the friction rings’ inner surface which are being engaged by oiled felt strip, acting as friction pads that transmit the pressure, generated by the flat tubes placed underneath. There are different types of electroless nickel plated shaft ends. This feature is providing every single friction ring with the same amount of pressure equalizes different tension caused by different material properties throughout the web and offers a high degree of accuracy in rewinding operations.

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*Regions Served Key:
AF= Africa & Middle East, AS = Asia, EU = Europe, LA = Latin America,  NA = North America,  SP = South Pacific & Pacific Rim

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