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Carolina Tape & Supply Corp

Carolina Tape & Supply Corp
P.O. Box 2488
Hickory, NC United States

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-237-6079

Regions Served*: NA

Company Overview
TAPE DIRECTORY All products on this page and additions will be quoted based on your quantities and specifications. CTSC would be pleased for you to call for samples and quotations. • Gummed Paper Tapes All sizes, color and prints in Non-Asphaltic or Asphaltic, Reinforced or Non-Reinforced • Crepe Paper Masking Tapes Economy Lite-Duty grade, Utility grade, Quality Paint Masking, Printable Colors for color coding, Autoclave, Medium Temperature, High Temperature, Low Tack Protective, checkbook binding and Photographic – (All Sizes) • Flat Back Paper Tapes Super Strength, Dark Kraft Carton Seal, Med to High Strength Mil Spec packaging, Printable colors for color coding, and Protective, etc. – (All Sizes) • Double-Coated Products – PAS 2 Sides – Papers, Tissues, Adhesive Transfers, Mylars, P.V.C., Polypropylene, and All Foams – (All Sizes) • Electrical Tapes U.L. Approved Flame Retardent, Colors, Friction Tape, Glass Cloths w/thermosetting adhesives, Electrical grade polyester films, and component packaging tapes, etc. – (All Sizes) • Filament Tapes All tensile strengths and all sizes • Duct and Insulation Tapes (Cloth Duct) – General Purpose, Utility, Contractor and Nuclear Grades, Gaffers, Foil Scrim Kraft, All Service Jacketing, Aluminum Foils, Embossed Vinyl – (All sizes, colors and types) • Plastic Film Tapes Polypropylenes and PVC tapes – (various strengths, colors, printed, all sizes), Office Tapes, Label Protection, Lithographers, Pipe Wrap and Vinyls (colors, hazard strips), Preservation Tapes • Single Coated Foam Tapes Closed Cell – (PVC, Neoprene, Sponge, Rubber, Polyurethane, EPDM-SBR, and Nitrile) Open Cell – Polyethylene • Specialty Tapes Teflons (Glass Cloth, Skived, Hi-Modulas), Splicing Tapes, U.L. Approved Electrical Specialties, Kapton, UHMW Polyethylenes, P.C.B. Tapes, Metal Foils, Barricade Tapes, and Flame Spray Tapes, etc. – (All Sizes) • Shipping Supplies Packaging Dispensers, Stretch Films, Packing List Envelopes, Steel and Poly Strapping plus accessories, Mailing Bags, Etc. • Also Carrying a wide Variety of other Industrial Supplies • Major Manufacturers Product Lines Available Shuford American Tesa/Tuck Gaska Arlon Permacel Fasson Compac Coating Sciences Cellux Fluorglas Anchor 3M Inter Tape Norwood Finite Ind. Lamart Vibac If there are any products not on this list, please contact CTSC for assistance. We stock quality products which we will custom slit, convert, die cut, or print to meet your specifications. Need Answers or Samples? CALL NOW 1-800-237-6079 1-828-322-7268
Shawn Dagenhardt

Gummed Paper Tapes; Filament Tapes; Plastic Film Tapes; Single Coated Foams & Films; High Tech Industrial Tapes

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*Regions Served Key:
AF= Africa & Middle East, AS = Asia, EU = Europe, LA = Latin America,  NA = North America,  SP = South Pacific & Pacific Rim

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