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WebTech LLC

WebTech LLC
4436 Mira Vista
El Dorado , CA United States

Phone: 530-306-7939

Company Overview

WebTech.LLC is a premier manufacturer of process equipment for the web handling and web converting industry with decades of experience. At our Northern California headquarters, we design and manufacture web converting and web handling machinery including unwinds, winders, coaters, laminators, embossers, dryers, roll handling equipment and web handling systems. WebTech.LLC can custom engineer a solution to meet your exact specification from simple components and sections to complete, fully integrated high-speed production lines.

WebTech.LLC employs a customer-centric approach to projects of any size. Starting at the proposal stage through project completion, our team works closely with you. Our project team will solicit your input throughout the entirety of the project life cycle; no surprises. We are skilled in project management and understand capital projects and Return On Investment. Our goal is to ensure every project is a success for you and for WebTech.LLC.

The WebTech.LLC team boasts decades of web handling and web converting experience. If your project requires web handling equipment, we can handle it. If your project requires complex coating applications, we can handle it.

Raymond Kirchner

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