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CTC - A Quantum Design Product Line

CTC - A Quantum Design Product Line
7550 Quantum Court
Caledonia, IL United States

Phone: 815-885-1300

Fax: 815-885-1370

Certification Type: CE
Regions Served*: AF, AS, EU, LA, NA, SP

Company Overview
Purchased by Quantum Design in August 2018, CTC is a well-established manufacturer of custom engineered Unwinds, Splicers and Rewinds. Over the years, CTC has expanded greatly into the automation of virtually any web fed converting process custom engineering machines for automating the raw material, finished product and waste byproducts in a range of industries including tag & label, packaging, film, nonwovens, building materials, wire & cable, food, cosmetics, composites and a range of other applications.

Founded in 1961, the first product was the unwind tension compensator – now familiarly known as the “800C”. There are over 10,000 of these units in operation globally. The 800C012 Unwind Tension Compensator is a basic, completely mechanical servo mechanism for controlling unwind tension in any roll fed application which has moderate acceleration characteristics, does not require extremely low tension and does not have severe intermittent web dynamics. This unit is easily used with film, foil, paper, tape, wire and similar materials. When the sensing rollers change their position in response to changes in roll diameter, speed, acceleration, and brake coefficient of friction, the feedback cable adjusts the compensating brake to keep the system in equilibrium.

CTC butt splicers, supporting web widths up to 20 inches, offer the most user-friendly design on the market in a small footprint with a space saving design and integrated roll loading system. These machines feature extremely rugged construction and a functional and economical means for butt splicing of narrow webs on a non-stop basis. Single sided splicing tape applied to one or both sides of the web secures the splice.

CTC also offers lap splicers, splice mechanisms and tables, turret rewinders, unwind and rewind stands and more. Visit for more information and to view all products available from CTC.

Turret Rewinders

Butt Splicers

Lap Splicers

Clamshell Lapsplicer

Heat Seal Splicers

Unwinds, Rewinds, Infeeds

Splicer Mechanisms

Splice Tables

Unwind Tension Compensators

Automation Systems

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East & West Coast – Robin Sherlund

Central USA – Steve Reynolds

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*Regions Served Key:
AF= Africa & Middle East, AS = Asia, EU = Europe, LA = Latin America,  NA = North America,  SP = South Pacific & Pacific Rim

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