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Faustel Inc

Faustel Inc
W194 N11301 McCormick Dr
Germantown, WI United States

Phone: 262-253-3333

Fax: 262-253-3334

Company Overview
Faustel is the global leader in custom web fed coating, laminating and winding machinery -- but that’s only a part of what they do. The Faustel team also offers process expertise and proprietary technologies for unwinding and rewinding rolls, making splices and transfers for a continuous process, and precise web handling of papers, films, foils and non-wovens. All equipment and control systems are designed and assembled in-house as custom tailored solutions that can encompass completely new lines or retrofits to existing ones.

Faustel can also assist in the development of a process for new products or by helping to improve existing web products from initial laboratory coating to full-scale production. With more than 40 coating methods supported in the Faustel Technology Center, as well as UV/EB curing and convection drying in roller support or floatation configurations, customers have access to a full range of custom application solutions. The strategic placement of multiple unwinds and rewinds also allows for a wide variety of web paths and numerous combinations of coating and laminating process configurations.

Inside the Faustel Technology Center, customers can test and prove their products and processes in collaboration with Faustel engineers and process experts. The center includes a 600 mm high speed Pilot Coating Line, 300 mm LabMaster Pilot Coater, and 150 mm TecMaster R&D Coater, all capable of running aqueous and solvent-based coatings. This ability to experiment using multiple platforms and methods, along with leveraging Faustel’s decades of experience, is what makes Faustel’s operation a true industry game-changer.

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