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HB Fuller

HB Fuller
1200 Willow Lake Blvd
St Paul, MN United States

Phone: 651-236-5200
Toll Free Phone: 888-351-3523

Fax: 800-528-6079

Company Overview
Driven by Innovation
At H.B. Fuller, our focus on innovation drives how we think about our customers’ needs, act on new ideas and deliver value year after year to our customers’ products and processes and their customers’ lives.

There are three major work processes where customers specify new adhesives – the creation of a new product, the improvement of a current product, and the development of a new way to manufacture a product.

Leveraging Expertise and Partnerships
Innovative thinking at H.B. Fuller is about leveraging our expertise to find opportunities in the markets we serve. Through strong partnerships, we find new ways to bond complex substrates that result in lighter, faster, safer, smarter and more inexpensive consumer and durable goods.

Some of the industrial adhesives and that we specialize in include:

Instant adhesives
Hot melt
Solvent-based adhesives
Water-based adhesives
Reactive chemistry

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