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Meech Intl. Introduces Unique Features to Hyperion Static Controllers

Meech International

Meech International
2915 Newpark Drive
Norton, OH United States

Phone: 330-564-2000
Toll Free Phone: 800-232-4210

Fax: 330-564-2005

Certification Type: ISO9000, CENELEC EN 60950, UL, CE and BASEEFA
Regions Served*: AS, EU, LA, NA

Company Overview
Established in 1907, Meech has earned a world-wide reputation for excellence in high quality electrical engineering and for the last 50 years has specialized in the development of electro-static control solutions. From its inception, two objectives have been paramount: the development of premium quality products and the provision of the highest level of customer service, both supported by in-depth knowledge of clients application requirements.

Our ongoing passion for quality is demonstrated by the fact that it was the very first specialist manufacturer of static control equipment in the world to be approved as an ISO9000 registered company. All new products are developed to the highest standards and national and international quality approval certification including CENELEC EN 60950, UL and CE is obtained where appropriate, some products also have BASEEFA approval for use in hazardous environments.

Our product range includes both static control and web cleaning equipment for the printing, flexo and converting industries. We specialize in electrical AC and Pulsed DC ionization systems, which includes a range of ionizing bars, blowers and nozzles. We also offer a full line of static generation systems with various pinning heads and power capabilities.

We also manufacture of full line of both contact and non-contact web cleaning systems. The contact systems include both vacuum and tacky roll style of systems. We also manufacture various styles of non-contact systems depending on application.


Static Control

Air Technology

Web Cleaning


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*Regions Served Key:
AF= Africa & Middle East, AS = Asia, EU = Europe, LA = Latin America,  NA = North America,  SP = South Pacific & Pacific Rim

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