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Polymag Tek

Polymag Tek
215 Tremont St
Rochester, NY United States

Phone: 585-235-8390
Toll Free Phone: 800-787-0830

Fax: 585-235-8395

Company Overview
Polymag® Tek Manufactures Systems that Eliminate Product and Process Contamination

Increase Bottom Line Results By Reducing Waste, Downtime and Improving Quality

Polymag® Tek Inc., incorporated in 1994, is a US based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative sheet, web and process roll cleaning equipment for the printing, coating, laminating, flexible packaging, electronic and solar industries. The Polymag® Product Portfolio includes web cleaners, sheet cleaners, process roll cleaners, pre-cut adhesive tape rolls, Polymag® Blue Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCRs), hand held contact cleaning rolls and adhesive Pads. These can be altered to fit all sizes and styles of equipment up to 200" of width. Robust in both design and performance, Polymag® Cleaning Systems are recognized worldwide as the preeminent contamination elimination solution.

The Polymag® Process Roll Cleaner utilizes Polymag® Tek patented technology to eliminate condensate on chill rolls, and is effective in removing and controlling oligomer build-up on
casting rolls in PET applications. This cleaner is effective, and can be altered to fit, in any configuration of calender stack.

Polymag® Web and Sheet Cleaners are designed to remove particulate contamination such as slitting dust, converting debris and other by-products from a wide range of substrates including film, foil, carton board, newsprint, recycled paper, glass, nonwovens, etc., in both one-sided and two-sided applications. In nip applications, this equipment has a documented 97% cleaning efficiency down to one micron in particle size. This provides you with the most robust, simple and cost-effective cleaning solution available on the market today.

In addition to our cleaning equipment, Polymag® Tek has a Strategic Alliance with Static Clean International for Static Elimination equipment and Non- Contact Web Cleaners.


Web Cleaners

Sheet Cleaners

Process Roll Cleaners


Polymag Tek Inc
800-787-0830 / Fax 585/235-8395

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Northeast - Static Clean International (781-229-7799)
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NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, WV- Mid/Atlantic Associates- 704-905-9403

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