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Atlas CW1040 Series Primary Slitter Rewinder

Atlas Converting North America Inc.

Atlas Converting North America Inc.
9801-F Southern Pine Blvd
Charlotte, NC United States

Phone: 704-587-2450

Fax: 704-587-2451

Company Overview
Atlas is the world’s leading manufacturer of primary & secondary slitter rewinders for plastic film, labelstock & flexible materials. It provides the world’s largest & fastest slitting machines for BOPP film with over 200 primary slitters installed worldwide exceeding 6m in width - the widest at 10 m and the fastest at 1500 m/min.

In 2012, Atlas introduced the next generation CW Series of more compact slitting & rewinding solutions in web widths from 2.5 to 10.4 metres (98 – 410ins.). The new CW1040 & CW3600 film slitters are part of a new technology platform which delivers higher efficiency, more productivity, higher quality rewind reels, reduced noise levels and more effective operator control systems.

A new Service platform is now in place and provides expanded global customer service & support operations with engineers based in the UK, North America, India and China.

Atlas also provides fully automated and integrated roll handling systems to meet specific production requirements.


Atlas CW5400 Series Slitter Rewinder

Atlas CW1040 Series Primary Film Slitter

Atlas CW964 6m Primary Film Slitter

Atlas CW3600 Slitter Rewinder (2.5 – 3.6m)

Atlas CW800 Secondary Slitter Rewinder

Atlas Universal LS Slitter Rewinder

Atlas OCS-2 Slitter Rewinder

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Atlas Roll Handling Solutions

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Atlas CW1040 primary film slitter

Atlas CW3600 slitter rewinder

Titan SR9-DT Dual Turret slitter rewinder

Titan SR9-DS Duplex Shaft slitter rewinder

Titan ER610 Compact slitter rewinder

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