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Tokuden Inc

Tokuden Inc
2909 Langford Rd Ste A-100
Norcross, GA United States

Phone: 770-449-3625

Fax: 770-449-3742

Company Overview
In 1964, Tokuden invented and commercialized the first induction heated roll and now specializes in manufacturing energy-efficient and environmentally clean Induction Heated Jacket Rolls for use in high-precision thermal processes including laminating, coating, calendering, thermal drawing, and heat setting for high-quality films, nonwoven fabrics, paper, plastics and many other materials. Since we custom design all rolls to meet the client’s specific needs, Tokuden assists in delivering greater productivity and efficiency.

Jacket Roll Features
1. Wide Temperature Range—Precise control in 1oC increments from 40 oC to 800 oC.
2. Uniform Surface Temperature Distribution—The heat-pipe principle maintains a uniform temperature both axially and circumferentially, whether or not a thermal load is applied.
3. Compact, User-Friendly Electrical System—Jacket Rolls use only electricity as a power source; minimal footprint.
4. Clean, Low-Maintenance Operation—Because there is no oil, vapor or combustible material to leak, operation is clean, safe, and low maintenance.
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