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Confirm quality at full speed with brighter, lighter LED strobe


59 N 5th St
Saddle Brook, NJ United States

Phone: 201-712-1266
Toll Free Phone: 800-522-0801

Fax: 201-712-1366

Company Overview
Deliver higher quality. See fine imperfections at full production speed.

Enable operators to quickly identify and fix problems to improve quality and reduce waste with Unilux stroboscopic inspection. Unilux inspection lights use the stroboscopic effect to make even the smallest of defects clearly visible at full production speed.

New LED strobes are 2x brighter for crisp, clear detail across the entire width - even on reflective materials. LEDs last over 70,000 hours, eliminating downtime due to bulb changes. Fixed-mount models are simple to install and take up very little space. UV models are 10x brighter, making it even easier to inspect optical brighteners in cold seals and varnish. Handheld strobes with quick change batteries enable spot-checks anywhere on the line.

Local Unilux representatives are available to demonstrate the latest innovations in your facility and recommend the most effective configuration for your process. Our large sales and service network has sales representatives in 58 countries throughout the world along with five service centers for fast, efficient support when and where you need it most. Visit contact to find your local expert today.
Michael Simonis

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