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Pro Tapes LLC

Pro Tapes LLC
621 Route One South
North Brunswick, NJ United States

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-345-0234

Certification Type: ISO
Regions Served*: AF, AS, EU, LA, NA, SP

Company Overview
For nearly half century, Pro Tapes® has been a global leader for manufacturing and marketing premium pressure sensitive tapes. As the single largest converter in the U.S. today we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most technologically advanced converting, finishing and packaging solutions available. Our solutions include new product development with technical support, fully automated wide web slitting and laminating, integrated In-line roll wrapping and packaging, custom die cutting & printing, narrow web converting and lathe slitting, retail finishing and labeling as well as in house design and support for custom product and packaging configurations. Pro Tapes® also provides turnkey contract converting services managing procurement, processing and inventory management.

Your Partner in Value Added Solutions:
Improve product quality and performance
Make a product easier to use
Improve lot traceability
Lower minimum order quantity
Blanket orders with scheduled releases
Shorter lead time
Drop shipments

To provide our customers with innovative solutions that go beyond the products we manufacture. We are committed to improving the way our customers apply, assemble, bond, hold & seal with the products we create & the services we provide.

Registrations, Certifications & Compliances:
FDA Registered
GS1 Registered
IMDS Registered
ISO 9001-2015 Certified
EDI Compliant

Spec Sheets:

Narrow Web Slitting Spec Sheet

Wide Web Slitting Spec Sheet


G&A RT 800 K Wide Web Slitter Video

Pro Gaff® Brown slit on wide web machine, manual packaging Video

Pro Tapes® Pro Gaff® 2” Black Being Converted, Shrink Wrapped & Roll Labeled In-line

Narrow Web Slitting is More Economical Than Wide Web Slitting for Short Production Runs Video

Chris Hart

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*Regions Served Key:
AF= Africa & Middle East, AS = Asia, EU = Europe, LA = Latin America,  NA = North America,  SP = South Pacific & Pacific Rim

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G&A RT 800 K Wide Web Slitter
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